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Hi! My name is Aliza Feldman and I am excited to be a part of the Project Proactive program this summer!

I live in Miami Beach, FL and I am a junior at Katz Yeshiva High School in Boca Raton, FL.

I am a violinist and have participated in the Frost Music program and orchestra last summer. I love to write and I received a gold key award from a scholastic writing contest this year. I enjoy reading, music, art, and cooking. I also love running and playing tennis and was on the cross country team at my school this past year.

As the daughter of a mental health counselor and the sister of a therapist in training, mental health has always been a topic my family discusses often. While I recognize my privilege to be part of a family and community that has normalized therapy and mental health issues, I know that many teens do not have an opportunity to deal with the struggles that they are going through. I joined project proactive to be able to instill change in different communities and schools that lack the means to do so. 

Being that the pandemic has taken such a prominent role in our lives at this time, our emotional well being is of the utmost importance. Being isolated for a long period of time can be difficult for many people, as it has been for myself. In working with project proactive, I aim to find ways to help others struggling with their mental or emotional wellbeing in general and at this time specifically.

I look forward to joining the Project Proactive team this summer and working with the leaders and students to give back to my own community and help other communities and schools who aren’t as fortunate to have resources for people to reach out to and receive the proper help.

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Aliza Feldman

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