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Hey guys, my name is Gabe Greenberg. I'm excited to do project proactive. I live in Bergenfield NJ.. I am a very happy, chill, friendly and passionate person. I went to Moriah for middle school. I went to TABC for high school. For my year in Israel, I went to Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh. I planned on going to Lander College for Men. In high school, I was the captain of the track team and assistant captain of the wrestling team. I did chess for two years and softball for one. I've won 4 yeshiva league championship in cross country and regular spring track. I came in 2nd in Wittenberg wrestling tournment and also won a chess championship. I went on NCSY JOLT ISRAEL. As a camper, I went to Camp Moshava IO. I worked as a waiter for two years in Camp Mesorah. I like watching sports and history documentaries. Love building puzzles. Fun Fact, I love Disney so much. I've been to disneyworld over 20 times. Also another fun fact, I've had 10 surgeries in my life. The reason why I signed up for project proactive is because it sounded very interesting to do and also it is very important to learn about mental health. I would love to get more knowledge about mental health to help people in need. When I was younger, I was so shy to talked to people. At one point i wasn't even talking to my own parents. But I got the confidence to start talking to people in high school. Me being on teams in my high school gave me more confidence to speak out. During my end of my senior, I was feeling depressed because I wasn't able to breath through my nose. I was also on new medication that made me feel this way and i was gaining a lot of weight. But after the summer, my doctor knew there was something wrong about me. So he put me back on my original medication before I was feeling depressed. So luckily I was going to my year in Israel. I was so excited to go and I was not feeling depressed at all. I lost weight and I was breathing much better. So that's my story.

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