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The MicDrop Method

Rosh Lowe has created a formula that harnesses the transformative power of storytelling to increase self confidence and stimulate personal and professional growth. The technique is fast and effective. It is essential for anyone looking to express themselves. Rosh has worked with corporations who have used his team building component to engage employees who trust and care for each other, improve collaboration and attract and retain the best talent.


Rosh Lowe has starred in numerous Broadway shows, starting from the age of nine. His decade’s long experience in the theatre has taught him secrets of connecting with an audience and performance skills that not many other “experts” have access to. Rosh was also a television news reporter for Fox in Miami for fifteen years. Named the Miami New Times “Reporter-of-the-year” in 2013, Rosh job involved speaking to an audience of tens of thousands every day. The most valued skills in his professions are skills that he used to craft the MicDrop Method.

Think of every speaking opportunity as a chance to perform. Rosh will help you find the most effective structure and will teach you performance techniques to help you captivate a crowd and fully connect with any audience. The MicDrop Method helps even the most nervous speakers overcome their fear.

With Rosh’s guidance, you will be able to throw out those notes and step up to any stage with confidence. You will be speaking with freedom.


A successful entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of JEG & Sons Inc. – a leading cellular phone distributor based in Miami, Florida, Eli Nash co-founded MicDrop in 2018 as a way to channel his passion for empowering others. In 2019, armed with a belief that sharing our stories truly connects us and a method that helped him conquer his own immense fear of public speaking Eli took the TedX Stage and spoke about his addiction to pornography and the shame that surrounds it. The outpouring of support that followed his speech is a testament to the importance of sharing our stories and clear indication of the connection that follows after we do so.

A true practitioner of what he preaches, Eli now regularly shares his story and journey on podcasts and stages across the country.

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