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As a closet perfectionist and self-proclaimed expert in multitasking, I keep pretty busy raising 4 boys, trying to spend time with my husband between both of our crazy schedules, working with multiple clients as a communications & marketing consultant, while writing, editing, illustrating, advocating, entertaining, and praying (on good days).

In my spare time, I enjoy thinking too much, hot yoga (when I actually make time for myself), nature, taking amateur photos from weird angles, museums, history, and I am quite obsessed with reading pop-psychology books and drawing parallels to Torah & educational concepts.

In our late teen years, my husband and I began to lose friends to suicide and overdose. In fact, the month before our wedding alone, we lost two friends.

Over the years, we have experienced this more than we should, and have been impacted either personally or second hand (through friends and family) with infant loss, child loss, infertility, mental illness, abuse, trauma, and untimely deaths.

With an immense amount of faith, good friends, the ability to talk openly about emotional challenges, and some really good therapists, we have been able to support ourselves and others through challenging periods as best we can.

And sometimes we can’t help.

Sometimes we don’t know we should help.

Sometimes it’s not within our capability to help.

Sometimes we just weren’t in the best place ourselves to help.

It took a lot of counselling to learn that we can’t be everything to everybody, that there should be no shame or guilt in that, and that establishing healthy boundaries is the key to it all.

So, once I learned I can’t be everything to everybody, I had to establish my priorities. Since now my children are teens and exposed to the same types of tragedies I was at their age, my priorities MUST be to create a better world for them. While I can't prevent all tragedies, I can help their world feel a bit safer with open dialogue and advocacy. 

Advocacy for a society that people can talk about their emotional pain in the same way they can talk about the pain of their broken leg.

Advocacy for a world that no one should ever feel shamed or weak for having any type of thoughts or feelings, should never feel judged by a community to the extent that they don’t seek help, should never judge themselves to the extent that they feel unworthy.

With your help, we can make this happen.

Rebecca Shapiro

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