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Dr. Robyn Koslowitz (NJ License #5751) received her master's degree in School Psychology from New York University in 2002, and her Ph.D. in School/Clinical Child Psychology from New York University in 2009. Dr. Koslowitz has been working as a school psychologist since 2002, a postdoctoral psychologist since 2009, and a clinical psychologist since 2015. While at NYU, Dr. Koslowitz was privileged to serve as a research assistant to such prominent professors as Dr. Ester Buchholz (author of books on child psychotherapy); Dr. Carol Gilligan (whose book In A Different Voice revolutionized the psychology of women and adolescent girls) and Dr. Sandee McClowry (whose research on Temperament Based Teaching and Parenting pioneered empirically validated temperament based parenting programs).

Dr. Koslowitz is the founder and clinical director of The Center for Psychological Growth of NJ, located in Lakewood, NJ. She specializes in parent management training, evidence based treatment, psychological trauma, and full-spectrum psychological evaluation of challenging children/adolescents. Dr. Koslowitz is also a columnist for Binah magazine. You can read her feature articles in Binah each month. Her column Prescriptive Parenting appears bi-weekly.

Dr. Koslowitz is the director of the Targeted Parenting Institute. Targeted Parenting is a parenting system that uses empirically validated techniques to train parents and children to overcome various disorders of childhood in a preventative fashion, in order to minimize or avoid later expensive psychotherapy. Targeted Parenting courses currently exist for Highly Reactive, Careful, Socially Ineffective, Disorganized/Distractible, Moody, Bold and Traumatized Children. The newest course offering is Post-Traumatic Parenting, which is a parenting class for anyone who experienced trauma as a child and questions their ability to parent consciously. Targeted Parenting is available as a teleconference or webinar, as well as in-person classes.

Dr. Koslowitz writes the popular Targeted Parenting blog on Psychology Today. You can find her blog here:

Dr. Koslowitz's dissertation research focused on understanding the core cultural assumptions that underlie parenting decision making. She is the co-developer of the C-CAM (Core Cultural Assessment Method). Her research has been used to culturally modify intervention programs for use with multiple diverse communities. Dr. Koslowitz has presented her research and workshops at universities, hospitals, schools, and communities across the country and internationally.

On a personal note, Dr. Koslowitz lives in Lakewood, NJ with her husband and eight children. Her husband is a rabbinical scholar. She's a mom who practices what she teaches in Targeted Parenting!

You can reach Dr. Koslowitz by emailing Please be advised that this is not a secure email address, and Dr. Koslowitz cannot guarantee the cyber-security of any information emailed to that address.

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