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wow! 2019 was quite the year for pp


APRIL 2018 Launched @project_proactive instagram account

January 2019 Bought the domain

January 2019 Reached 1000 followers on instagram

February 2019 First ever Mental Health Monday

March 2019 Launched YouTube channel

March 2019 Launched Facebook Account

June 2019 Launched Spotify playlists

June 2019 Launched Proactive Ambassadors pilot program

October 2019 Apparel line launched by Proactive Ambassadors

October 2019 Launched Proactive Planners

November 2019 Launched first book with Proactive Publishing

December 2019 Began website resource development under supervision of clinical advisors and welcomed new bloggers

January 2020 Nonprofit status official

January 2020 Completed an entire year of weekly MHM interviews

February 2020 Launched LinkedIn page

February 2020 Reached 40,000+ instagram impressions per week

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