Since the start of Project Proactive, we have been powered solely on volunteerism.
It has certainly been a labor of love... and now... its time to take this organization to the next level!

Project Proactive is now a US 501(c)(3) public charity, aiming to break mental health stigmas and proactively alleviate barriers to health through spreading awareness and education. Our mission is to continue to develop new and innovative educational resources for the community in order to achieve these goals as well as normalize conversations and take proactive steps to infusing health and emotional well-being in our community members. We also want to help people navigate the system better - not by reinventing any wheels - but by bringing a heightened awareness of other mental health organizations and resources already available in our communities.  As we continue to grow and develop, we aim to fill any existing gaps in the larger community.

We have some big plans in order to accomplish these goals... but we need your help!
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Dedication & Sponsorship Opportunities 

Your partnership is so valuable to us and to the entire community. With your help, we can accomplish and expand on any one (or more) of the many initiatives we have on the go. 


Your investment will impact thousands (and eventually hundreds of thousands) of people, and we would like to give you the opportunity to choose exactly which fund you would like direct your contribution to.


E-mail us at to inquire about sponsorship opportunity pricing or click on the donation link above to make a general donation. 


  • Children’s books related to mental health

  • Faith based books related to mental health

  • Self-help workbooks 

  • Annual journal

  • Planners (Calendars)



  • Online "Kahn Academy style" workshops and courses to offer free for the community (choice of topic to sponsor)

  • Mental Health Monday live interviews (choice of topic or specific week)

  • Mental Health custom curriculum development for schools (including professional development and speakers)

  • Community speaking engagements (choice of community)

  • Mental health first aid education (choice of location)

  • 2020 planners donated to schools or classrooms (choice of school)

  • Resource pages on website (choice of topic)



  • Raise visibility of other mental health organizations (choice of organization)

  • Marketing coaching for other mental health related nonprofit (choice of nonprofit)

  • Social media community initiatives



  • Apparel 

  • Future swag of your choice (option for choice)


  • Office Expenses (apps, programs, nonprofit filing, travel, expenses related to running nonprofit)

  • Professional Development

  • Administrative Costs

PROJECT PROACTIVE is a US 501 (c)(3) public charity, EIN 84-2410920
aiming to break mental health stigmas and proactively alleviate barriers to health through spreading awareness and education.


*DISCLAIMER – The information on this site is provided for informational purposes only. There has been no formal vetting process for information shared on this site and readers should consult a professional for any questions or concerns regarding their health. These resources should not be viewed as a substitute for obtaining professional council.

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Since we are a startup and powered by volunteers, our databases remain a work in progress and we rely on people like YOU to help us stay current.
Please e-mail us at to share resources, ideas, or to submit a blog post. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.



Project Proactive Canada operates as a separate entity and has it's own projects and initiatives.


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