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Do you feel like you are drowning in waaaaay too much information?
You are not alone!

Many people find it hard to navigate the system. We want to simplify things for you.



These blog posts will give you general info... like everything you ever wanted to know about the basics of mental health and navigating "the system".

We are actively working on adding more posts to this section. If what you are looking for isn't there, let us know and we will work on finding just what you are looking for.

Ok... now that we have cleared up a few things... whats up with all those letters next to peoples names? How on earth would I know who is legit or not? Well check this out...

Glossary of
Mental Health Professions,
Certifications, Licenses & Acronyms 


This is a pretty complicated resource since licenses, terminologies and standards will vary by country, state and province.
Our goal is to continue adding to it over time (and correcting any misinformation as it comes up) with the help of YOU, the community. We try our best to be right about everything... but hey, we are not perfect. 


***Knowing the educational background of a professional does not mean that they are the right fit. Do your homework and educate yourself about the credentials of anyone you hire for support. Even then, it might take time to find "the one". Be proactive but also be patient. This is the best investment you can make... so make it a good one! (unless you are in an emergency situation... then call your local emergency number and get to a hospital).

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