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 IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a directory of individual mental health professionals. There are already great resources and directories out there for that purpose. We don't want to be redundant!  Those organizations are included below.  Our resource collection will ALWAYS be a work in progress. We rely on YOU, the community for updates. We hope that you will share resources that have been helpful to you, and continuously update us if any info is wrong on this list.  Also, it's important that you understand that this list should NOT be considered an endorsement of any particular organization, service or facility. Project Proactive does not have a formal vetting process and we rely on our community to share resources that have worked for them. 
We do not have a system in place to make referrals (although we do try to be helpful whenever possible). User discretion is advised.  



Why be so extreme?

Why be so extreme?

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Understanding Sexual Addictions and Moral Incongruence with Yankie Greenberger, LCSW

Understanding Sexual Addictions and Moral Incongruence with Yankie Greenberger, LCSW

Because Sex & Pornography addiction is highly stigmatized and not regularly spoken about in many faith based communities, we are often left without the proper education about what addiction really means. What is the difference between curiosity / normal exploratory behaviors and addiction? How does shame contribute to this problem? What can we do as a community to support this common challenge? This #mentalhealthmonday (originally aired on January 13th, 2020) Yankie Greenberger, LCSW discussed the roles of pornography use and sexual addiction as it relates to religiousness and moral incongruence. Yankie is an expert Trauma and Addiction therapist as well as one of the premier adolescent therapists in Chicago's Jewish community. He has served as the clinical director of two community organizations which has collectively impacted well over a thousand individuals and families. In recent years, he has focused his clinical work specifically on trauma utilizing EMDR, Attachment-Focused EMDR, and related approaches. He has also completed the intensive Certified Sex Addiction Therapist training through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). Project Proactive is a nonprofit organization that works to educate the community, raise awareness, normalize the conversation, and break stigmas surrounding all things mental health. In order to further these goals, @project_proactive hosts weekly live interviews on Instagram with various mental health professionals, organizations, and people who have important stories to tell. Follow us on Instagram to find out about upcoming topics or to get more involved. You can also find more resources on our website,