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​If you are bold enough to be a leader for change, we want you on our team!


The goal is to expand our efforts to break the stigmas through encouraging new initiatives, supporting existing initiatives, collaborations... basically anything that will help form a "web" of leadership.


Mental health initiatives will go farther when we collaborate. SEO & social media algorithms are pumped up when we all work together. It becomes a mutually beneficial relationship with the added bonus of each of us being a big part of effecting change and shifting the culture!

While you don't have to create a bio, it helps us keep track of the community so we can collaborate more effectively. It also helps you get your personal goals out there. You can put a link to your website and post info on your bio that you want people to know. 


If you are interested, here is how you do it;

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Thinking about ways you can join the team? Here are some ideas...

Proactive Ambassador 

Program where you can join our team, be a part of the change through cultivating 
leadership, social justice and community building skills. Take your passion for breaking the stigma and make a difference in your own community!
(Great for your resume)



Associate (Intern)

Join our research team of passionate individuals interested in honing their clinical and analytical skills to compile and develop educational resources, and/or advance Project Proactive’s outreach and marketing strategy. (Great for your resume)



If you have a passion for mental health and writing, you might be interested in joining our talented team of bloggers. We are looking for volunteers with strong creative writers who have in-depth knowledge or personal experiences in mental health or psychological education, and who can write for lay-people - not looking for dry research papers.
(Great for your resume)


Artists & Photographers

If you have a passion for mental health and are interested in sharing your related art and photography with the world, we would love to feature your work on our site. As our resource pages grow and new blog content comes in, we are always looking for images that would be a good fit.
(Great for your resume)

Proactive Influencer

A Proactive Influencer is any individual who uses Project Proactive swag and/or promotional materials regularly to help advocate for mental health awareness within their own digital community. 


Education Specialist 

Building a team of passionate parents, educators, and student representatives that will take proactive mental health educational programs and materials to their communities and schools.
(Can be on a local, national or global level) 


Development Support 

Join Development team in key philanthropic initiatives, strategic projects, fundraising initiatives, donor cultivation, and grants management. 


A Proactive Partner is an organization that joins us in our mission to break the stigma of mental health. We work with each of our partners to determine the types of mental health initiatives that they are most passionate about or figure out the best way to collaborate in order to make a bigger impact. A Proactive Partner will generally be an organization or individual that we have a large-scale and ongoing collaboration with or someone who is a committed donor. 


Business Growth

we are so excited to grow with you!

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