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“The hardest part of coping with mental distress is not the symptoms, but the feeling that we are alone and no one else understands or experiences the pain that we feel. The reality is that 20-40% of Jewish community members suffer from symptoms meeting criteria for a mental disorder at some point during the lifespan. Hope starts when we care for each other, which is exactly why Project Proactive is so important. They are breaking down mental health stigma within the Jewish community, which is the most effective medicine of all.”

Dr. David H. Rosmarin 
Assistant Professor, McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Founder & Director, Center for Anxiety

SOME Proactive love

A FEW OF THE MESSAGES we have received in OUR INBOX THAT HAVE KEPT US MOTIVATED to push project proactive to the next level

(Names & identifying features have been changed to protect the privacy of our community members
unless express permission was given to share on this page.)



- CL

Amazing live!!! Thank you so much for addressing this in such a straightforward, positive and hopeful way. ❤️❤️❤️ Love how he talks about Connection with ourselves first so that we can connect to our children with healthy vulnerability, openness and also with strength - being able to be that lighthouse and anchor for them. So beautiful! I’m so inspired by your direct and open dialogue. Wanted to share my thoughts... I love project proactive’s mission and I personally think you are doing amazing work at normalizing the conversation around mental illness and mental health.

- CP

Thanks for starting the myth versus reality series with Esther Goldstein! 💜💜 love what you guys are doing on your page 👍🏻


I’ve watched some of your lives and never really reached out before, but love the awareness you are bringing 💜💜



- Anonymous

Hi Rebecca and Shoshana, 

I've been following you guys for awhile now on Instagram and really admire what you're doing. I really feel like you are making a difference in de-stigmatizing mental health issues. 

I have 4 children and 3 out of 4 of them suffer from mental health issues. Two of them are on medication. It's been a major struggle to say the least.


One of the biggest struggles is the feeling of having to keep it all to myself even to people close to me for a variety of reasons. Embarrassment, stigma & not wanting people (even people close to me) to think of my kids differently. And of course Shidduchim! How will they ever get a shidduch if this information gets out!?!? 

I have to say that people like you started opening doors for these kinds of conversations to happen.  I am so grateful for all the work that you guys do. Keep it up!

- LG

Hi, I just wanted to thank you so much for the book that you guys have put together. It uplifted my Shabbat table and my Shabbat in general. It has given me great strength and an inner empowerment just from reading the book. Thank you.

- RP

Thank you SO much for the talk on IFS. I can see why so many say it is life changing... really helpful way of framing conflicting emotions etc.  Thanks for everything you guys do!

- JP

Hi, I wanted to thank you so much for publishing the book "Bite Size Torah". It was an amazing read and very inspirational. I hope in time you guys make the second book... Shemos. Thank you 😊

- Anonymous

Just wanted you to know to know that whether you realize it or not ... your amazing organization is making a  tangible difference in many lives and I can even speak for myself .. MY LIFE HAS CHANGED for the better because of you! So THANK YOU!

- NA

Hi! First of all—love all of your content. So excellent and stigma breaking. Second—I also LOVE your book "Bite Sized Torah"! But we are up to Shemos! I’m double checking... is there a Shemos version too??

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