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Worried you may have a mental illness and completely overwhelmed with where to start?  
Try this, it’s anonymous AND free!

If you are in an immediate crisis, DON'T continue browsing this site or
 investigate any of the resources listed below.



US and Canada: 911 

UK: 999

Europe: 112

Israel: 1201

Or a local emergency help line.



IT'S IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Our resource collection will ALWAYS be a work in progress.

We rely on YOU and the rest of the community for updates. We hope that you will share resources that have been helpful to you, and continuously update us if any info is wrong on this list. 

Also, it's important that you understand that this list should NOT be considered an endorsement of any particular organization, service or facility. Project Proactive does not have a formal vetting process and we rely on our community to share resources that have worked for them. We are not a referral service.


User discretion is advised.  

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