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Our children's book about grief and love, based on the life of Moussia Zaltzman a'h, is relatable to anyone who has lost someone they cherish. Parents can support their children through grief using our Parent's Guide by Esther Goldstein, LCSW, and the community can learn ways to support families through the loneliness and heaviness of their loss by reading our faith-based Community Guide. 


Our overall goal is to help people realize that although our loved ones might be physically gone, their spirit is eternal. The love, the legacy and all the precious memories can live on for as long as we choose to nurture and enrich the world in their honor. 

What the Experts Have to Say

“Were this book only a fitting tribute to the endearing and vivacious Moussia Zaltzman, OBM, it would be well worth reading and sharing with our children. But beyond that, this book is a game changer. It models the delicate and sensitive process by which we express and share painful realities with ourselves and our children. Groundbreaking, commemorative and therapeutic, this book should be a part of every family and school library.”

- Dr. Norman N. Blumenthal
Zachter Family Chair in Trauma and Crisis Response,
OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services


“What an amazing way to honor Moussia and to help anyone who is suffering loss, with hope, honesty and the promise of ongoing life.”

-Dr. Marta Durski, D.Min, RP, RMFT



“This book is a masterful guide to dealing with loss. Written by Rebecca Shapiro in Moussia’s voice, we are given a model of how authenticity, honesty, and openness provide a template for keeping a lost relative or friend alive when they are no longer physically present. Grounded in an integration of mental health expertise and faith-based wisdom, the authors share practical guidelines on helping children and families confront loss in an honest and psychologically informed manner. I strongly recommend this book for anybody confronting the challenges brought by life’s inevitable losses.”

- Dr. David Pelcovitz
Straus Chair in Psychology and Education, Azrieli Graduate School (New York)


“This book will help people of all ages come to terms with grief and loss. Unique in its perspective, “It’s Not Over When We Say Goodbye” addresses the cognitive, emotional and spiritual needs of those who have gone, are going, or will go through the experience of losing a loved one - that is to say, all of us. The story of a little girl’s sudden death is used to show readers how the unbreakable bond of love unites this world and the next, providing deep comfort and solace to the human heart. Although far from a typical “bedtime story,” “It’s Not Over When We Say Goodbye” should be read to, and discussed, with every child, as its impactful message will provide enduring support for life’s journey.”

- Sarah Chana Radcliffe, M.ED.,C.PSYCH
Psychologist, lecturer and author of multiple best sellers, including “The Fear Fix”


“Western culture’s unrelenting focus on joy and happiness ironically, and insidiously, increases our vulnerability to emotional distress. By contrast, Judaism teaches us how to live with joys and pains, successes and failures, happiness and sadness, and all points in between. This poignant book is a critical resource for parents in supporting children through grief and loss. Its approach is simple, its wisdom immense, and its author has done a great service by making it available to our community.”

– David H. Rosmarin, PhD
Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School,
Founder of Center for Anxiety (New York)



“Moussia’s book is a beautiful gift to parents and community members to help initiate, guide and support the sensitive but necessary conversations we need to have with our kids. I am honored to be a part of Project Proactive’s mission to develop critical and current, transformative resources for our community.”

- Rachel Tuchman, LMHC
Clinical Advisor, Project Proactive

Also available in other Amazon marketplaces, so make sure to set your region and search accordingly, if you are ordering outside of the US & Canada.

Hard cover book is in the works too. Stay tuned for details. 

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