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ONLY 18$ !
(or get one free with donation over $36)

The Proactive Planner was actually created for our personal use – to help us organize our own lives – and get our heads back in the game. Most planners are not laid out for juggling multiple projects. There are household planners, school planners, journal planners… but we needed something that would do it all - and have columns set up just the right size for color coded sticky notes – ya we are obsessed with sticky notes.

We are both trying to juggle a lot in our personal and professional lives, while also trying to prioritize Project Proactive’s growth plan. Trying to juggle everything has been a challenge.

So it hit us… if one of our goals is to provide resources… and the other is to raise the seed money to file for non-profit status… why not share our organization method with the proactive community and charge a nominal fee to start raising those funds?

So here it is. Our Proactive Planner.

Here are some cool features:

  • It is a Jewish calendar – so it runs from Rosh Hashana to Rosh Hashana

  • Each month starts off with a short D’var Torah to help set the tone for the month and inspire goal setting

  • Candle Lighting and Havdalah times for most major cities (can be customized for bulk orders)

  • Quotes each week by some of your favorite insta personalities, Torah, famous Rabbis, Psychologists, Celebrities and Historical figures

  • Area for monthly and weekly goal setting as well as listing accomplishments

  • Fosters spiritual growth and stimulates brain health.

…. We could go on but you might just want to see for yourself.

Don’t need a planner but want to support us anyways? Click on the link below to donate!

*Please note: These will NOT be tax-deductible donations because we are not yet a non-profit organization. 100% of proceeds, however, will go directly into the operational costs of Project Proactive current and future initiatives (including startup costs for non-profit filing). 

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