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Hi! Welcome to my profile on Project Proactive. I am a licensed social worker/coach practicing in the Lakewood NJ area.

My specialty is working with adults who have been impacted by childhood trauma and feel stuck in their lives. Being a free spirit doesn't allow me to stay in the box. I never really enjoyed traditional therapy as I have been on the other side of the chair and understand what it is like to be a client. My experience informed everything I wanted to accomplish as a holistic psychotherapist. I have studied the mind, body connection and try to look at the whole picture of each individual client, not just the symptoms. My goal is to help each client reclaim their true selves and live consciously.

My work integrates a variety of modalities including; mindfulness, inner child healing/reparenting, 12 step concepts, IFS, trauma informed CBT, and somatic work.

In addition to therapy I provide consultations to individuals who are considering psychotherapy, helping them navigate the path of recovery that suits their individual healing journey.

I use my platform to educate people about many areas of the recovery process with a special emphasis on trauma and Complex PTSD. I also share parts of my own healing journey that I feel can benefit a broader audience.

For more information you can check out my Instagram page at @schwarzesther

I can be reached at

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Esther Schwarz, LSW, MSW

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