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Hi there! My name is Tzipora Zelmanowitz and I am so excited to join the team of incredible humans dedicated to breaking the stigma and normalizing the conversation around mental health.

I am a recovery love addict and codependent and also suffer from anxiety. For many years, I was steeped in shame around these issues and refused to get help, thinking that if I ignored my "issues" they would somehow disappear.

Well, they didn't!

3+ years later, and I am living my best life! I have an incredible network of recovery fellows, meaningful relationships with my friends and family and working towards helping others do the same for themselves.

I am particularly devoted to empowering and inspiring unmarried persons to living their best lives, rather than sitting around waiting for their life partner to fall from the sky. I am passionate about destigmatizing singlehood and creating equality regardless of marital status.

Through my work in therapy and recovery, as well as training as a life coach, I have cultivated many tools to help coach singles through dating, by quieting the codependent thoughts that often hold us back and leave us feeling victimized by the dating process, and developing a true sense of self love and respect.

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    Proactive Influencer

Tzipora Zelmanowitz, Esq.

Proactive Influencer
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