a different kind of virus


He’s a deadly virus

That has been spreading


For years and


He’s been hiding


You can catch him from a friend

Who travels from abroad

Or a loving caregiver

In your own backyard


He’s worse than corona

He can infect you

Over the web or phone

He can contaminate you and your fam

While you’re social distancing


He seeps into our culture

In his own deceptive way

Some people are not aware

That they pass on the virus

With the words

That they say

He infuses us with fear

So that every moment

We are consumed and obsess

Only about him

So that his particles occupy

Every space of our brains

While we try breathin

Eatin and sleepin

He disrupts our routine

Decreasing personal production  

And we don’t realize how bad it is

Until we can no longer function

Until we are forced to

Stop going to school

Stop going to work

Stop making a living

And refeed ourselves

Until we get better

And there is zero

Remnants left of him

Ed attacks

Innocent lives

Twisting happy people

Into bodies who wish to die

He fights until we

Have no fuel left

No energy in our organs

No muscle in our hearts

No hope in our brain

No logic in our mind

Very often causing  

Cardiac arrest or suicide

The worst part of Ed virus?

Those spreading it continue

And don’t stop

Keep persuading their consumers

That losing weight

Is the secret ingredient

To a happy life and what-not

The government doesn’t shut them up

Or make them isolate

Even though he’s killing many in our midst

With the highest mental illness mortality rate

Even though they

Keep sneezing all over society

Increasing the risk of death,

Depression, self-harm and anxiety

If you are a dietician

Dedicated to helping people diet,

Stay home

And stay quiet.

If you are a personal trainer

Dedicated to helping people lose weight,

Stay home

And contemplate.

If you are a business owner

Who sells diet products or pills,

Stay home

And stop making people ill.

If you are a dietician

Dedicated to helping people nourish their bodies

All of us in recovery say thank you!

If you are a personal trainer

Dedicated to helping people embrace joyful movement

All of us in recovery say thank you!

If you are a business owner who sells self-care products

All of us in recovery say thank you!

If you are a professional or advocate

Dedicated to helping people

Recover from their eating disorders

Thank you!

You are saving lives!



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