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Updated: Mar 18, 2020


This new corona-virus reality must be a dream…

Like it would make more sense if that were the case... that one day I woke up trapped inside a virus-infected game of Candy Crush with signs everywhere that say “Welcome to Corona Land”... and I stand here flabbergasted... wondering how I got here from a harmless video game with cute little candies…

There is a gumball machine that says “enjoy now, pay later.” I pay the unknown price... I'm in a dream... right?

It lures me in.

I realize that these gumballs are in fact viruses with colorful dots all over them. Well everyone seems to be lured now so I allow myself the luxury of freedom... but now I am trapped.

I am simultaneously fascinated, confused, amused, terrified, overwhelmed and empowered.

I’m sick to my stomach, yet I am drawn to the action and can't pull myself away.

You know those dreams when you can’t tell whether you are awake or still sleeping? What’s real and what’s not?

That is the nightmare that we all seem to be trapped in right now.

But we are all in this together... and we will all wake up...

...and it will pass.

It may pass as painfully as a friggen kidney stone would... or surgery without anesthetic...

But it will pass.

My hope and prayer for all of us is that it will pass with as little pain as possible.

But, yes, it will definitely pass.

As humans, we’ve survived viruses, hurricanes, plagues and dark times, and we’ve made it through... and we will continue to do exactly that.

We keep going.

We all feel somewhat trapped by the need to practice social distancing, and for many, self-quarantine.

And there are so many questions... and those questions are important.

But before I get into validating the real concerns associated with this pandemic, lets look at some ways you can help to alleviate some anxiety symptoms.


As you may already know, I’m a big believer in mind and body self-expression. Any form of making sense of what is happening now is a form of self validation, self healing and processing for your psyche.

You can make any form of self-expression a family project, or this can be an activity that is purely focused on you. Figure out what you need and do it.

After all, you can't pour from an empty cup!

All of these activities are not merely self care. They will help us process all of the thoughts and emotions swimming around in a more effective way.

When worry, ambiguity and uncertainty becomes something of texture… something tangible... something external... it can be released from that knot in your stomach, the pain in your shoulders or the tension in your neck. Your body needs somewhere to put those strong emotions.

Sounds strange? I'll explain... Anxiety, panic, fear, sadness and other intense emotions that aren’t expressed get trapped in our bodies and can cause us to have less clarity, leaving our bodies compromised and robbed of our ability to focus and be present in the moments ahead.

So try whichever of these ideas work best for you. It's not one-size-fits-all.



Movement & music can help release pent up worry, tension and stress, helping to shift your body chemistry.

Here are some ideas to help inspire your creativity in this way;

  • Find a song that deeply resonates with you and slowly start moving to the music, dancing and moving your body.

  • Have a family dance party!

  • Find a playlist to fit whatever mood you are in and enjoy. Project Proactive's Spotify account has some great playlists for different moods, or find an musician that speaks to your soul (Sarah Dukes has very calming piano solos)

  • If you are musical, take out an instrument and make up a song to express your feeling about whatever you are going through.


If you’ve got some scraps of old magazines, some colored pencils or markers, I invite you to draw, sketch or create a collage. Collage about the feelings you are having, light ones of hope or tough ones such as fear and panic.

I encourage you to collage or draw a picture of what you imagine life will look and feel like once we have gotten past this difficult time. Collage or paint a sunny day on the beach, a fun lunch with a friend at a restaurant, a kiss on the cheek from someone you love. Anything. Just collage. This will help your brain fire out “feel-good” hormones.

When I collage or draw, I do so with my little one. I find it to be a fun, playful activity where we can focus on whatever it is we each are thinking or feeling without needing to “talk” so much about what is going on.


There is so much power to a story, a poem, a free-flow of words...

Find a way to express whatever it is you are thinking, feeling or sensing.

Put your unspoken words to paper. Take out a pen and paper, and just write.

  • Free Flow Writing - Just write... with no focus or “goal” except to bridge the gap between your heart and mind. Words. Sentences. Letters. Whatever speaks to you.

  • Journal - Write about your worries, hopes, dreams... we all know famous people whose diaries kept them sane during the most horrific times.

  • Poetry - This is a creative way to process all your jumbled thoughts and feelings in a stimulating and creative way. You can process your own heaviness, or your fears for your loved ones... There are some amazing and powerful poems on this blog that you can use for inspiration, one by my dear friend and colleague Esther Schwarz called My Tree, and an incredible one about body image by Rachel Cohen called Safe.


If writing is not your thing, call a friend, a confidant, a therapist or a mentor and just talk.

Ask them if they could just hear you out as you share what is on your mind.

If no one is around, or if the ones you trust aren't local, just talk out loud to yourself. Yes, out loud. There’s wisdom that sometimes comes out when we hear ourselves speak. We can better make sense of all that is going on around us, and inside of us. If it helps, look in the mirror and watch yourself as you speak.

I will be sharing some tools in the next few weeks that you can use to make your internal dialogue more effective. Modalities like IFS (Internal Family Systems) are used by professionals, but once you get the hang of parts work, you can do it yourself.


If you have a limited amount of time and resources, you can elevate any functional experience like food preparation.

Get your family involved in a private rendition of "Chopped", being creative with whatever ingredients are available.

Allow young children to get messy and practice measuring skills and art skills with fun and creative meal prep.


Mindfulness is a practice where we help our mind and bodies get in touch with the present moment.

When we feel anxious, our ANS (autonomic nervous system) is activated and puts us into fight, flight, freeze, submit or collapse response - leaving us feeling powerless to face the challenges ahead. We can be left with confusing symptoms, and feel out of balance.

A wonderful way to unwind the tension is by trying a simple mindfulness exercise that helps ground your body and slow your breath. By doing this you’ll be sending more oxygen to your brain and feel more able to be in the present moment.

Your body can take care of you, especially when you tap into its natural capacities.


For all of you who consider yourselves "Left Brainers", it can be helpful to make lists and charts.


If you’re feeling the frazzles, I want you to think for a moment.

We’ve all been through rough times; some of us more than others, but we’ve all faced something or another that has made us dig into resources we wished we didn't have to. But we did... and we are where we are today in part because of that necessity.

Somehow we always manage to get through situations to the best of our ability, with whatever internal resources we have at that given time.

You have survived 100% of your most difficult moments.

So in this moment, I want you to remind your mind and body of the tough stuff you’ve been through….literally all the small and big stuff you’ve survived.


Take time to refocus on your general strengths. Allowing your body to focus on this will reboot the way you relate to yourself and your capacities.

Think about it... Did you speak up to a teacher on behalf of a child who was struggling? Have you gone shopping, done the laundry and put a smile on your face on days you wished you could escape being an adult? That takes strength. Have you ever set a boundary with an ex, a boyfriend or nagging friend who was emotionally stifling? Did you create a new routine with your sleeping, exercising or eating? Have you engaged in healing your anxiety, depression, relationship issues or trauma? All of those take strength.

Consider the strengths that you have been able to tap into during other tough times (that you would not consider natural for you).

Do you recall tapping into courage? Taking stock and focusing on your relationship with your higher power? Reaching out to friends? Seeking support that began deeper healing? Taking a real look at your life and gaining some perspective? Committing to some life goals you had previously been “too distracted” to look at?…